The short answer is yes, but not without effort. An age-diverse workforce has definite advantages, but it can also lead to conflicts and sub-grouping. Researchers Dr Anne Burmeister at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), Prof. Fabiola Gerpott of VU Amsterdam, Prof. Andreas Hirschi of the University of Bern, Prof. Susanne Scheibe at University of Groningen, Dr Karen Pak at Radboud University and Prof. Dorien Kooij at Tilburg University provide companies with hands-on training interventions that allow them to benefit from the premises of an age-diverse workforce.
RSM Discovery - Management Knowledge
Department of Organisation and Personnel Management

Burmeister, A, Gerpott, F.H, Hirschi, A, Scheibe, S, Pak, K., & Kooij, D.T.A.M. (2020). Can older and younger colleagues work together effectively?. RSM Discovery - Management Knowledge. Retrieved from