This document provides the initial recommendations and KPIs for transforming public administrations into more effective, efficient and citizens' centric organizations. Specifically, this document focusses on recommendations aimed at increasing public officials’ willingness to participate with citizens (Voice and Exit), reduce citizens’ nonuse of electronic government services, PA compliance with GDPR, and the digital maturity assessment of public administrations. The recommendations are based on research presented in WP2 D2.1

WP2, Initial recommendations, Initial KIPs, Public officials, Willingness to Engage, Non-use, E-government services, digital government, administration, GDPR, Compliance, interoperability, digital maturity.
Department of Public Administration and Sociology (DPAS)

Migchelbrink, K., & Van de Walle, S.G.J. (2019). Initial recommendations for transforming the public sector processes and services. Retrieved from