An important aspect of contemporary volunteer tourism is generated by the possibility of having personal, emotional and affective encounters and experiences. Volunteer summer camps on former war sites, organized by the German Action Reconciliation Service for Peace (ARSP), can be regarded as an expression of a contemporary form of tourism, which consists of the development of a personal, affective, and immersive approach to learning and volunteering on former war sites. A performative approach to studying emotion is applied, and helps to locate and understand the social, cultural, and political components that instigate the desire for affective volunteer tourism. For this study, 26 semi-structured in-depth interviews have been conducted with participants of ARSP volunteer summer camps that focused on conserving and maintaining former war sites in Italy, Lithuania, and France. The results indicate that volunteers expect war themed summer camps to be impactful (in terms of work) and emotional (in terms of personal experiences). Yet, the sought-after impact and emotion are not always found, which gives rise to contradictory feelings and tensions. Feelings of guilt about unmet expectations have caused volunteers to re-evaluate their motives and look for different ways to make the summer camps meaningful to them. Participants were encouraged to critically reflect, on this form of volunteer tourism in particular, and on societal debates about war and volunteer tourism in general.

Volunteer tourism, voluntourism, affect, emotion, war sites, war tourism, place experience, dark tourism, 志愿旅游, 公益旅游, 情感, 情绪, 战场, 战场旅游, 地方 体验, 黑暗旅游,
Tourism Geographies
当代志愿旅游的一个重要方面是有可能产生个人的、情绪的和情 感的遭遇和经历。由德国和平行动调解服务处(ARSP)组织的在以 往战场的志愿者夏令营, 可以被视为一种当代旅游形式的表现, 其 中包括发展一种个人化的, 情感的, 沉浸式的方法, 在以往战场进 行学习与志愿活动。本研究采用展演性方法来研究情感, 并帮助 定位和理解激发情感性志愿旅游愿望的社会、文化和政治因素。 为了这项研究, 对ARSP志愿者夏令营的参与者进行了26次半结构 化的深入访谈, 重点访谈在意大利、立陶宛和法国以往战场的保 护和维护活动。结果显示, 志愿者们期望以战争为主题的夏令营 活动, 就工作来说具有冲击性, 就个人经历来说具有情感性。然而, 他们所追求的冲击和情感并不总能找到, 这就产生了矛盾的感觉 和紧张感。没有达到预期的内疚感促使志愿者们重新评估自己的 动机, 并寻找不同的方式使夏令营对他们有意义。本研究鼓励参 与者不仅批判性地反思这种特定形式的志愿旅游, 而且还要更广 泛地反思关于战争和志愿旅游的社会辩论。
Arts & Culture Studies

Driessen, S.R. (2020). Summers of war. Affective volunteer tourism to former war sites in Europe. Tourism Geographies. doi:10.1080/14616688.2020.1812111