Anisometric cell lipoma (ACL) and dysplastic lipoma (DL) are underrecognized subtypes of benign lipomatous tumors, with wide variation in cell size, microscopic fat necrosis, and no or mild nuclear changes (DL). ACL/DL appear more commonly in retinoblastoma patients, in whom an increased incidence of lipomas has been established. The occurrence of ACL/DL in retinoblastoma patients suggests that RB1 aberrations play a role in its pathogenesis, similar to spindle cell/pleomorphic lipoma. In this article, we present a patient with a history of retinoblastoma with multiple lipomas histologically consistent with ACL/DL. Analysis of the lipomas supports involvement of RB1 in the development of ACL/ DL. Dysplastic changes were only seen in a single lipoma, which harbored an additional TP53 mutation. While providing further support for the occurrence of ACL/DL in retinoblastoma patients, we also suggest that DL is an ACL with TP53 mutation.

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International Journal of Surgical Pathology
Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

den Bakker, M.A, den Toom, D.T., Damen, T.H.C, Sleddens, H.F, Meijssen, I.C., Deloose, S., … Dinjens, W.N.M. (2020). Anisometric Cell and Dysplastic Lipomas in a Retinoblastoma Patient. International Journal of Surgical Pathology, 28(7), 793–798. doi:10.1177/1066896920917220