Does your facility do bioinformatics training? Would your facility like to do bioinformatics training? The Galaxy Training Network library ( is an easy way to offer bioinformatics training at your facility with minimal preparation time and startup cost. These materials feature slides, hands-on-tutorials, and training data sets. The library features well over 100 slide sets and hands-on tutorials, created by over 130 Galaxy community members, and covering a wide range of bioinformatics topics. Galaxy ( is a widely adopted platform for bioinformatics analysis and training, allowing trainers, learners, and researchers to focus on concepts and tools, rather than Linux systems administration and learning command line interfaces. The library of materials is free to use and adapt as needed. The GTN community is supportive and responsive to community needs. All materials are kept in GitHub and are managed in a transparent, community driven manner.
Journal of biomolecular techniques : JBT