How can processes of social in- and exclusion be understood from a perspective of radical systems change? This question is addressed by exploring the dialectics of in- and exclusion both theoretically and empirically. A study of historical and current innovation processes focused on ‘poverty care’, ‘homeless youth’ and ‘deprived neighborhoods’ shows that while such processes strive for just transitions, at the same time reproduce existing inequalities.

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D.A. Loorbach (Derk) , F. Avelino (Flor)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Het onderzoek waarop dit proefschrift is gebaseerd, is financieel ondersteund door: Kansfonds, Zevende kaderprogramma van de Europese Commissie, JPI-Urban Europe en de Gemeente Rotterdam.
Dutch Research Institute for Transitions (DRIFT)

van Steenbergen, F. (2020, October 2). Zonder marge geen centrum: Een pleidooi voor rechtvaardige transities. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from