Objective We aimed to explore: the exposure of healthcare workers to a delirium guidelines implementation programme; effects on guideline adherence at intensive care unit (ICU) level; impact on knowledge and barriers, and experiences with the implementation. Design A mixed-methods process evaluation of a prospective multicentre implementation study. Setting Six ICUs. Participants 4449 adult ICU patients and 500 ICU professionals approximately. Intervention A tailored implementation programme. Main outcome measure Adherence to delirium guidelines recommendations at ICU level before, during and after implementation; knowledge and perceived barriers; and experiences with the implementation. Results Five of six ICUs were exposed to all implementation strategies as planned. More than 85% followed the required e-learnings; 92% of the nurses attended the clinical classroom lessons; five ICUs used all available implementation strategies and perceived to have implemented all guideline recommendations (>90%). Adherence to predefined performance indicators (PIs) at ICU level was only above the preset target (>85%) for delirium screening. For all other PIs, the inter-ICU variability was between 34% and 72%. The implementation of delirium guidelines was feasible and successful in resolving the majority of barriers found before the implementation. The improvement was well sustained 6months after full guideline implementation. Knowledge about delirium was improved (from 61% to 65%). The implementation programme was experienced as very successful. Conclusions Multifaceted implementation can improve and sustain adherence to delirium guidelines, is feasible and can largely be performed as planned. However, variability in delirium guideline adherence at individual ICUs remains a challenge, indicating the need for more tailoring at centre level.

doi.org/10.1136/bmjoq-2019-000871, hdl.handle.net/1765/130880
BMJ Open Quality
Department of Intensive Care

Trogrlić, Z, van der Jagt, M, van Achterberg, T, Ponssen, H., Schoonderbeek, J., Schreiner, F, … Ista, E. (2020). Prospective multicentre multifaceted before-after implementation study of ICU delirium guidelines: a process evaluation. BMJ Open Quality, 9(3). doi:10.1136/bmjoq-2019-000871