This multi-sample study investigated the main and interactive effects of parenting (responsiveness, overreactivity) and young adolescents' personality traits (negative-affectivity: irritability and anxiety; and orienting-sensitivity) on behaviour problems during adolescence. Data from two samples (N1 = 222; girls 45.5%; Mean age = 11.54 years; N2 = 252; girls 50.4%; Mean age = 10.85 years) were analysed using a multivariate approach. Parenting and young adolescents' personality traits were assessed at Time-1 and behaviour problems were assessed 2 to 3 years later. Mothers rated their overreactive parenting practices with the Parenting-Scale (both samples); parental responsiveness was measured with the Louvain-Adolescent-Perceived-Parenting-Scale (sample-1) and the Parenting-Practices-Questionnaire (sample-2). Adolescents reported on their behaviour problems with the overlapping items of the Brief-Problem-Monitor (sample-1) and the Youth-Self-Report (sample-2). Young adolescents' personality traits were measured with the Hierarchical-Personality-Inventory-for-Children rated by mothers in sample-1 and by fathers in sample-2. No evidence supporting diathesis stress or differential susceptibility was found. Analyses revealed one interaction suggesting that adolescents with high irritability (≥1.4 SD; 9%) with more overreactive mothers presented less internalizing behaviour, when their mothers used less overreactive parenting they showed more internalizing behaviour. High-anxiety predicted internalizing behaviour. High-irritability and low-anxiety predicted externalizing behaviour. High-irritability and orienting sensitivity predicted attention problems. No main effects of parenting on behaviour problems were observed.

Diathesis stress, Differential susceptibility, Personality, Parenting, Adolescence, Sensitivity, Internalizing and externalizing,
Personality and Individual Differences

Chavez Arana, C., De Pauw, S., Van IJzendoorn, M.H., de Maat, D.A., Kok, R, & Prinzie, P.J. (2020). No differential susceptibility or diathesis stress to parenting in early adolescence: Personality facets predicting behaviour problems. Personality and Individual Differences, 170. doi:10.1016/j.paid.2020.110406