Traditional primary care in the Netherlands is ill equipped to meet the complex (healthcare) needs of frail older persons who live independently at home. Integrated care is advocated to improve the quality of care and patient outcomes. However, the added value of integrated primary care for community-dwelling frail older persons remains inconclusive, and important underlying mechanisms that drive (a lack of) effectiveness are often ignored. This thesis reports on a theory-guided evaluation of an integrated primary care approach for community-dwelling frail older persons, called Finding and Follow-up of Frail older persons (FFF).

The research project was (financially) supported by the healthcare organizations TWB Thuiszorg met Aandacht, Stichting Groenhuysen, Stichting tanteLouise, and Zorggroep West-Brabant
A.P. Nieboer (Anna) , J.M. Cramm (Jane)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management (ESHPM)

Vestjens, L. (2020, December 16). Integrated primary care for community-dwelling frail older persons. Retrieved from