The transportation science research community has contributed to numerous practical and intellectual innovations and improvements over the last decades. Technological advancements have broadened and amplified the potential impacts of our field. At the same time, the world and its communities are facing greater and more serious challenges than ever before. In this paper, we call upon the transportation science research community to work on a research agenda that addresses some of the most important of these challenges. This agenda is guided by the sustainable development goals outlined by the United Nations and organized into three areas: (1) well-being, (2) infrastructure, and, (3) natural environment. For each area, we identify current and future challenges as well as research directions to address those challenges.

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Department of Technology and Operations Management

Agatz, N., Hewitt, M., & Thomas, B.W. (2020). “Make no little plans”: Impactful research to solve the next generation of transportation problems. Networks. doi:10.1002/net.22002