OBJECTIVE: To describe the demographic and medical characteristics and changes of the patients who visit the Rotterdam Street Doctors' office hours. DESIGN: Retrospective study of registered patient contacts from 2006-2017. METHOD: Street doctors registered age, gender and ICPC diagnoses of patients in a GP information system. The characteristics of these patients have been analysed for three periods of four years: 2006-2009, 2010-2013, 2014-2017. For each of these periods, the number of individual patients visiting the Rotterdam Street Doctors' office hours at least once, have been documented. Data from the period 2014-2017, have been used to describe characteristics of homeless patients and have been compared with a regular GP practice. RESULTS: At the street doctors' office, patients with mental problems are most often documented, followed by patients with heart diseases and endocrine problems. Serious illnesses that require extra care are registered , such as drug and alcohol addiction, HIV, tuberculosis and hepatitis C. Patients with mental problems and trauma have a larger share at the street doctor's office than in a regular GP practice. The proportion of women has increased since 2006 as has the proportion of elderly patients. The proportion of patients with documented needs for cardiovascular diseases (in particular hypertension), endocrine disorders (in particular diabetes and thyroid diseases) and cancer has increased. CONCLUSION: A relatively large part of the patient contacts at the street doctor's office is devoted to mental problems and trauma. As the proportion of patients with chronic diseases and risk factors is rising, street doctor care seems to move towards regular care. But extra care for serious classical illnesses among the homeless is still necessary.

Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

Slockers, M.T, van Laere, I.R.A. (Igor R A), van der Gevel, A.R. (Andrea R.), Slockers, C.G. (Christian G.), van Marlen-Bos, C. (Chantal), Mackenbach, J.P, & van Beeck, E.F. (2020). Rotterdamse daklozen met een zorgvraag: Gegevens van het straatdoktersspreekuur in de periode 2006-2017. Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde, 164. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/1765/131673