Adolescent knowledge is the optimizing capital of the condition of demographic dividend in Indonesia which will be culminated in 2035. Adolescent behavior such as early marriage, premarital sex, and drug abuse pushed the National Population and Family Planning Commissions's to implement the Generation Planning "Generasi Berencana (GenRe)"Program for preparing teen family life. This research aims to determine the influence of adolescent characteristics on knowledge about GenRe in the Sub-village of Family Planning Ngepring. The primary data collection method is a census which the unit of analysis are the adolescent individual in Ngepring. Data from the adolescent census are processed by multiple linear regression test. The results showed that adolescent characteristics proved that the significane influences the knowledge about GenRe with a contribution of 50, 5%. The last education of adolescent characteristics (Beta = 0,435; p <0, 01) is stronger in influencing the knowledge about GenRe than gender variable (Beta = 0,147; p <0, 01) and work experience variable (Beta = -0, 195; p <0, 01). This research proves the hypothesis that the education and work experience characteristics affect the knowledge.,
1st Geosciences and Environmental Sciences Symposium, ICST 2020
International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University (ISS)

Budiman, L.S. (Lucia Sandra), Listyaningsih, U. (Umi), Putri, R.F. (Ratih Fitria), & White, B. (Ben). (2020). The influence of adolescent characteristics toward the knowledge about generation planning in sub-village of family planning. In E3S Web of Conferences. doi:10.1051/e3sconf/202020001005