In this thesis, we investigated the role of multiple common cardiovascular risk factors on the development of microvascular dysfunction and left ventricular diastolic dysfunction

Diabetes mellitus, chronische nierschade, hypercholesterolemie, coronair microvasculaire dysfunctie, diastole dysfunctie.
D.J.G.M. Duncker (Dirk) , D. Merkus (Daphne) , O. Sorop (Oana)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
The research described in this thesis was supported by a grant of the Netherlands CardioVascular Research Initiative: an initiative with support of the Dutch Heart Foundation [CVON2014-11 (RECONNECT)]
Department of Cardiology

van de Wouw, J. (2021, February 10). Distinctive Alterations in Microvascular Function Due to Multiple Common Morbidities. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from