This paper details how marketing scholars can address important marketing issues. It starts by clearly distinguishing importance from relevance and, on that basis, discerns four types of research projects: (1) thought leadership; (2) science leadership; (3) applied science; and (4) puzzling science. It proposes to funnel more resources from applied and puzzling science to thought leadership and to sustain science leadership. To do so, it offers a research funnel (awareness-consideration-choice-execution) and how ability and motivation throughout the funnel guide a scholar towards more important research. It offers three key takeaways on how to achieve more important research: (1) socialize with practice; (2) embrace residual ambiguity; and (3) do not get bored or boring from hyperspecialization.

Academic research, Impact, Marketing academia, Marketing science, Marketing thought, Marketing domain,
International Journal of Research in Marketing

Stremersch, S. (2020). The study of important marketing issues: Reflections. International Journal of Research in Marketing. doi:10.1016/j.ijresmar.2020.09.009