Introduction: In this study we assessed the effects of transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) on inhibitory control and error processing as measures of cognitive control to better understand tDCS modulation of smoking behaviour. Methods: Smokers were allocated to six sessions of either active tDCS (n = 34) or sham tDCS (n = 35) (https://c Immediately before, one day after, and three months after all tDCS sessions, participants performed the Go-NoGo task while we measured behavioural and neurophysiological responses. Results: One day after the intervention no significant effect was found of active tDCS on behavioural and neurophysiological measures of cognitive control in tobacco smokers. However, a significant improvement in reaction times, and a decrease in No-Go P3 amplitudes for smoking cues was found three months after active tDCS. Conclusion: Given the direction of the effect, we speculate that tDCS has a long-term modulatory learning effect

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Biological Psychology
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