BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Although developmental venous anomalies have been frequently studied in adults and occasionally in children, data regarding these entities are scarce in neonates. We aimed to characterize clinical and neuroimaging features of neonatal developmental venous anomalies and to evaluate any association between MR imaging abnormalities in their drainage territory and corresponding angioarchitectural features. MATERIALS AND METHODS: We reviewed parenchymal abnormalities and angioarchitectural features of 41 neonates with developmental venous anomalies (20 males; mean corrected age, 39.9 weeks) selected through a radiology report text search from 2135 neonates who underwent brain MR imaging between 2008 and 2019. Fetal and longitudinal MR images were also reviewed. Neurologic outcomes were collected. Statistics were performed using x 2, Fisher exact, Mann-Whitney U, or t tests corrected for multiple comparisons. RESULTS: Developmental venous anomalies were detected in 1.9% of neonatal scans. These were complicated by parenchymal/ventricular abnormalities in 15/41 cases (36.6%), improving at last follow-up in 8/10 (80%), with normal neurologic outcome in 9/14 (64.2%). Multiple collectors (P =.008) and larger collector caliber (P <.001) were significantly more frequent in complicated developmental venous anomalies. At a patient level, multiplicity (P =.002) was significantly associated with the presence of ≥1 complicated developmental venous anomaly. Retrospective fetal detection was possible in 3/11 subjects (27.2%). CONCLUSIONS: One-third of neonatal developmental venous anomalies may be complicated by parenchymal abnormalities, especially with multiple and larger collectors. Neuroimaging and neurologic outcomes were favorable in most cases, suggesting a benign, self-limited nature of these vascular anomalies. A congenital origin could be confirmed in one-quarter of cases with available fetal MR imaging.,
American Journal of Neuroradiology
Department of Pediatrics

Geraldo, A.F. (A. F.), Messina, S.S. (S. S.), Tortora, D. (D.), Parodi, A. (A.), Malova, M. (M.), Morana, G. (G.), … Severino, M. (M.). (2020). Neonatal developmental venous anomalies: Clinicoradiologic characterization and follow-up. American Journal of Neuroradiology, 41(12), 2370–2376. doi:10.3174/ajnr.A6829