COVID-19 has shaken the world. Countless lives have been lost or devastated, and as of November 2020, the pandemic shows little sign of abatement. Emergency responses across the world have led to drastic changes in local and global development trajectories within a very short period of time. Yet precisely how these changes will take shape depends on underlying historical and socio-economic forces that must become part of our understanding of, and plans for, a world beyond COVID-19.,
World Development
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Büscher, B., Feola, G., Fischer, A. M., Fletcher, R., Gerber, J.-F., Harcourt, W., … Wiskerke, H. (2021). Planning for a world beyond COVID-19: Five pillars for post-neoliberal development. World Development, 140(105357). doi:10.1016/j.worlddev.2020.105357