• Intermittent Fasting (IF) is a broad concept and covers several fasting regimes.
• Studies of 'early time restricted feeding' and 'alternate day fasting' with energy restriction show a greater effect on weight and cardiometabolic health in overweight people in the short term, compared to a continuous caloric restriction (CCR). 'Late time restricted feeding' seems to have no or unfavorable effects.
• Long-term studies (up to 2 years) suggest that IF regimens are not superior to continuous caloric restriction.
• The few studies available show a similar compliance and metabolic adaptation between IF and CCR.
• There is insufficient knowledge about long-term safety in various groups of people, the influence of dietary quality and the practical feasibility of IF regimes.
• As a result, no recommendations can yet be made on the use of IF in the treatment of overweight and related diseases.

Department of Internal Medicine

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