Background: Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a common condition in older people and represents a global health issue since it increases the risk of associated comorbidities and all-cause mortality. Furthermore, older people with reduced renal function might be at higher risk for developing functional limitation and disability. Moreover, the current creatinine-based measures of renal function are influenced by several factors in older population. The aims of the CKD-3D project are to perform an observational study to expand the knowledge about CKD-disability relationship and to investigate the use of novel biomarkers of kidney function. Methods: An observational, multicenter, prospective cohort study will be conducted in 75 + old patients consecutively admitted to acute care wards of geriatric medicine at participating hospitals. The study planned to enroll 440 patients undergoing clinical and laboratory evaluations at baseline and after 12 months. Face-to-face follow-up at 6 months and telephone follow-up at 3 and 9 months will be carried out. Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) and the measurement of Cystatin C, Beta-Trace Protein and Beta2-Microglobulin levels will be included. Discussion: This study will provide useful information to prevent CKD-related disability by collecting real-life data over 1-year period. The combined approach of CGA and the investigation of innovative existing biomarkers will make it possible to develop new recommendations and guidelines for a patient-centered approach. It is believed that such a study may lead to an improvement of knowledge on CKD in elderly patients and may also have implications in daily clinical practice and in decision-making process.

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Aging Clinical and Experimental Research
Department of Internal Medicine

Corsonello, A. (Andrea), Mattace Raso, F.U.S, Tap, L, Maggio, M. (Marcello), Zerbinati, L. (Luna), Guarasci, F. (Francesco), … Lattanzio, F. (Fabrizia). (2021). Design and methodology of the chronic kidney disease as a dysmetabolic determinant of disability among older people (CKD-3D) study: a multicenter cohort observational study. Aging Clinical and Experimental Research. doi:10.1007/s40520-020-01755-1