This contribution will focus on the main private international law aspects of the new Geo-blocking Regulation, especially with regard to cross-border consumer contracts. The Geo-blocking Regulation has recently entered into force in the EU with the objective of preventing unjustifi ed discrimination regarding online sales. The new Regulation is of special interest from a private international law point of view because of the possible impact on the interpretation of the EU rules on jurisdiction and applicable law concerning cross-border consumer contracts. Th e present contribution will analyse whether the obligations imposed by the Geo blocking Regulation might aff ect the concept of ‘directed activities’ laid down in the Brussels I bis Regulation and Rome I Regulation and interpreted by the ECJ.

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Nederlands Internationaal Privaatrecht
Erasmus School of Law

Campo Comba, M. (2018). The New Geo-blocking Regulation: general overview and private international law aspects. Nederlands Internationaal Privaatrecht, 36, 512–525. Retrieved from