The original version of this article unfortunately contained a mistake on the fifth and eleventh author names, from Schelto Kruijf to Schelto Kruijff and from Tessa van Ginhoven to Tessa M. van Ginhoven. The corrected author names are shown below. Schelto Kruijff and Tessa M. van Ginhoven.,
Langenbeck's Archives of Surgery
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Koh, E.Y. (Ezra Y.), van der Plas, W.Y. (Willemijn Y.), Dulfer, R., Pol, R.A. (Robert A.), Kruijff, S., Rotmans, J., … Engelsman, A.F. (Anton F.). (2021). Correction to: Outcomes of parathyroidectomy versus calcimimetics for secondary hyperparathyroidism and kidney transplantation: a propensity-matched analysis (Langenbeck's Archives of Surgery, (2020), 405, 6, (851-859), 10.1007/s00423-020-01953-5). Langenbeck's Archives of Surgery. doi:10.1007/s00423-020-02046-z