Introduction: Somatostatin analogs (SSAs) are used to treat neuroendocrine tumors (NETs) and acromegaly. Two first-generation SSAs, octreotide long-acting release (OCT LAR) and lanreotide autogel/depot (LAN), are available. A systematic literature review (SLR) was conducted to investigate which characteristics beyond efficacy are most important in patient and healthcare practitioner (HCP) experience of LAN and OCT when used to treat acromegaly and NETs. Methods: MEDLINE, Embase, the Cochrane Library, and Database of Abstracts of Reviews of Effect were searched from database inception to January 2019 with terms for first-generation SSAs, NETs, acromegaly, preferences, decision-making, and human factors. Key congresses in 2016–2018 and SLR bibliographies were hand-searched. Two independent reviewers screened articles at title/abstract and full-text stage. Publications fulfilling pre-specified inclusion criteria reported patient or HCP perspectives of LAN or OCT, or any factors affecting treatment perspectives for NETs or acromegaly. Results: A total of 1110 unique records were screened, of which 21 studies were included, reporting from the perspectives of patients (n = 18) and/or HCPs (n = 9). Perspectives were collected using shared decision-making frameworks, questionnaires, informal patient opinion, and a Delphi panel. Where patient preference was specifically reported, LAN was preferred in 4/5 studies and OCT LAR in 1/5. Common factors underlying treatment experience included technical problems with injections and associated pain, emotional quality/anxiety of injections, time and convenience of treatment administration, and independence. Immediate aspects of injections appeared most important to patients, though the possibilities of extended dosing intervals and self-/partner-injection with LAN were also notable factors. Conclusions: Study outcomes favored LAN in this SLR, with factors surrounding injection administration most influential in treatment experience. The findings of this SLR provide a basis that could inform development of decision-making criteria, with patient and HCP treatment perspectives considered. Future studies should utilize a common method to report preference and associated drivers.

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Advances in Therapy: the international journal of drug, device and diagnostic research
Department of Internal Medicine

Cella, M., Evans, J. (Jennifer), Feuilly, M. (Marion), Neggers, S. (Sebastian), Van Genechten, D. (Dirk), Herman, J. (Jackie), & Khan, M.S. (Mohid S.). (2021). Patient and Healthcare Provider Perspectives of First-Generation Somatostatin Analogs in the Management of Neuroendocrine Tumors and Acromegaly: A Systematic Literature Review. Advances in Therapy: the international journal of drug, device and diagnostic research. doi:10.1007/s12325-020-01600-x