Students' ability to accurately self‐assess their performance and select a suitable subsequent learning task in response is imperative for effective self‐regulated learning. Video modeling examples have proven effective for training self‐assessment and task‐selection skills, and—importantly —such training fostered self‐regulated learning outcomes. It is unclear, however, whether trained skills would transfer across domains. We investigated whether skills acquired from training with either a specific, algorithmic task‐selection rule or a more general heuristic task‐selection rule in biology would transfer to self‐regulated learning in math. A manipulation check performed after the training confirmed that both algorithmic and heuristic training improved task‐selection skills on the biology problems compared with the control condition. However, we found no evidence that students subsequently applied the acquired skills during self‐regulated learning in math. Future research should investigate how to support transfer of task‐selection skills across domains.

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Applied Cognitive Psychology
Department of Psychology

Raaijmakers, S., Baars, M.A, Paas, G.W.C, Van Merrienboer, J., & van Gog, T.A.J.M. (2018). Training self‐assessment and task‐selection skills to foster self‐regulated learning: Do trained skills transfer across domains?. Applied Cognitive Psychology. Retrieved from