In a Wellbeing Economy, business and financial activities help achieve human and ecological prosperity – rather than people and planet’s resources being in service to business. For most of us who have grown up and worked in economies that value profit above all else, the task of transforming business to be a driving force for improvement of people and planet’s wellbeing seems herculean. But the need to transition to sustainable ways of production and consumption has never been so urgent. To bring this transition forward, we have to get better at recognizing wellbeing companies and supporting them. In this WEAll Briefing paper, we explore eight problematic mindsets that characterize mainstream corporate business models and we illustrate eight alternative business mindsets, with examples, that lead the way towards a Wellbeing Economy
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Coretcaia, O., & Grosenbaugh, G. (2020). Wellbeing Business: 8 ways that businesses are challenging the corporate mindset to ensure social and ecological wellbeing for all. Retrieved from