This thesis analyses and discusses the contributions and shortcomings of technocratic, participatory and regulatory strategies to solve the deadlock in decision-making about market authorisations of GM crops in Europe.
I argue that political decision-making is not just the sum of science, public dialogue and regulations, but that politics has its own role to take decisions in situations of uncertainty and societal disagreement.

Wicked problem, alarming studies, governance, GM crops, regulatory science, deliberative democracy, politicisation, contested technologies, wicked probleem, alarmerende studies, governance, genetische modificatie, regulatory science, deliberatieve democratie, politisering, controversiele technologieen
W. van der Burg (Wibren) , F.W.A. Brom (Frans)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Erasmus School of Law

Mampuys, R. (2021, January 28). The Deadlock in European GM Crop Authorisations as a Wicked Problem by Design: A need for Repoliticisation of the Decision-making Process. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from