The paper is an attempt to understand the concept ofqueer in the Indian context. The first part of the paper tries to look into the relationship between women movements and sexuality rights groups analysing what it means to be a queer in a feminist space and to be a feminist in a queer context. The second part ofthe paper looks at how sex work can be understood through queer theory and queer politics. For this, the paper addresses the debates on the definitions of who is a sex worker and the rights of sex workers raised by sex workers' organizations/ movements. The autobiography of a sex worker by Nalini Jameela from Kerala, south India is used as a case study to analyse the usefulness of the concept of queer.
Indian Historical Review
International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University (ISS)

Sathi, S. (2008). Understanding Being Queer: Exploring Sexuality and Sex Work. Indian Historical Review, XXXV(2), 27–48. Retrieved from