In my dissertation I research four specific groups of ‘war tourists’: Dutch army members who undertake battlefield tours to sites associated with the First and Second World War; Dutch veterans who undertake return trips to their former area of deployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina, young Europeans who engage in volunteer work on former war sites during their summer holidays, and participants of the yearly peace march to Srebrenica. By means of in-depth interviews and ethnographic field work, I analyze the motivations, experiences, and reflections of these four different groups of visitors.

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This project has been funded by the Research Excellence Initiative of the Erasmus University Rotterdam
S.L. Reijnders (Stijn) , M.C.R. Grever (Maria)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
ERMeCC, Erasmus Research Centre for Media, Communication and Culture, Rotterdam

Driessen, S. (2020, December 11). Touching War: An ethnographic analysis of war tourism in Europe. Retrieved from