Cultural participation is associated with many benefits. Therefore, it is seen as an instrument to achieve social change and development. However, clear empirical proof for these claims is limited. There is a need for new frameworks and clear evaluation methods. This paper presents a conceptual framework that enables cultural organizations to understand the purposes of impact measurement. It also shows the steps cultural organizations can take to measure and manage their social impact. Consequently, it enables them to measure the impact on their beneficiaries while the lessons learned can help them to improve and manage their performance.

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Journal of Arts Management Law and Society
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Vermeulen, M. (Marjelle), & Maas, K.E.H. (2020). Building Legitimacy and Learning Lessons: A Framework for Cultural Organizations to Manage and Measure the Social Impact of Their Activities. Journal of Arts Management Law and Society. doi:10.1080/10632921.2020.1851839