The aim of the present thesis was to assess the health benefits of genome-guided treatment interventions, in comparison with the standard interventions used in the current medical practice. We focus on the economic analysis of pharmacogenomic-guided warfarin and clopidogrel treatment, particularly since in recent years cardiology became the key medical specialty in which pharmacogenetics applications are emerging into practice.
Furthermore, in this thesis, we investigated, through structural questionnaires, the views, opinions and attitudes of the various stakeholders and of the general public about genomic medicine and its impact to society.
Lastly, we proposed an alternative methodological approach for cost-effectiveness analysis and developed a practical guidance for decision making by budget holders.

R.H.N. van Schaik (Ron) , A. Vozikis (Athanassios)
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Mitropoulou, C. (2020, December 16). Economic evaluation of pharmacogenetics-guided interventions for cardiology. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from