Cancer immunotherapy of breast cancer is currently challenged by low response rates and lack of predictive markers for immune therapies; lack of druggable targets that counteract T cell evasion; and lack of safe and effective target antigens for adoptive T cell therapies. In Part 1 of this thesis (Chapter2-4) we focused on the knowledge gap regarding T cell evasive mechanisms, which, provides a basis for patient stratification and selection of combination therapies. In Part 2 of this thesis (Chapter 5-7) we focused on the identification and selection of safe and effective target antigens and corresponding TCRs for adoptive T cell therapy for TNBC (one of the subtypes of breast cancer)

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J.E.M.A. Debets (Reno) , J.W.M. Martens (John)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
These studies were funded by the Dutch Cancer Society (Alpe d’HuZes/KWF 2014-7087)
Department of Medical Oncology

Hammerl, D.M. (2020, December 18). Immunity in Breast Cancer: Charting T cell evasion and exploring new targets for T cells. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from