This commentary reflects on the shifts in my personal and political lifeworld across time and space by sharing a story of changing awareness about ‘life-in-common’ in the Australian landscape; a landscape that is marked by historical, ecological and resource struggle and injustice. My commentary takes up the rethinking of differential belonging and ‘life-in-common’ as part of the search for alternatives to capitalism and a way to overcome socioecological crises which pays attention to the deep connections of nature and culture. I reflect on life-in-common as an Australian white settler feminist political ecologist wishing to understand how to address the erasures and violence that mark the Australian landscape.

Differential belonging, feminist political ecology, life-in-common, white settler colonialism, lifeworlds,
Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space

Harcourt, W. (2020). Commentary: Rethinking life-in-common in the Australian landscape. Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space, 33(3), 391–407. doi:10.1177/2514848621989602