In this dissertation I focus on the knowledge and practice of disaster risk reduction (DRR) and disaster response during periods of high-intensity conflict (HIC). HIC represent ‘moments’ of a protracted crisis with the presence of large-scale violent conflict, significant levels of state fragility and fractured governance systems. The occurrence of disasters is common in places under HIC. Disasters like droughts, floods or earthquakes are a social and political phenomenon based on the interaction between extreme natural events and people’s vulnerability to harm and loss during these events. Conflict contributes to that vulnerability, thus explaining disasters and conflict co-occurrence.

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D.J.M. Hilhorst (Thea) , R.S. van Voorst (Roanne)
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Mena Flühmann, R. (2020, November 25). Disasters in Conflict: Understanding disaster governance, response, and risk reduction during high-intensity conflict in South Sudan, Afghanistan, and Yemen. Retrieved from