This case illustrates the various abilities required in order for a leader in a public leadership context to guide and stimulate their team(s) to come up with new and creative solutions. In this context, an initiative led by the protagonist, Hans van der Vlist, concerncs a policy proposal regarding moving towards more sustainable food systems in The Netherlands. This case looks at ABDTOPConsult, a small advisory group of experienced senior civil servants within the central government, who can be deployed quickly to address complex issues. More specifically, the case looks at how Hans van der Vlist, the director of ABDTOPConsult and the protagonist for this case, leads his secretariat and workgroup through The Netherlands. Generally, consultancy firms are approached in order to provide professional feedback to an individual or an organization based on their expertise. Moreover, through the case students are challenged to think about how policy proposals can be developed and realized through innovation leadership.

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Based on field research
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Haanen, P., Lucasius, L. E., Vecoli, L., & van Wijngaarden, M. B. S. (2021). ABDTOPConsult: Innovation Leadership in Practice. RSM Case Development Centre. Retrieved from