The research questions of this dissertation are:
(I) How is the Second World War represented through digital entertainment gaming?
(II) How do players reflect on ludically engaging with the Second World War through digital entertainment gaming?
(III) Which recommendations can be formulated to foster critical reflection on the Second World War through digital entertainment gaming, in both formal and informal learning environments?

Digital Games, Second World War, World War II, Holocaust, Historical Culture, Popular Culture, History Didactics, Game Studies, Memory Studies, Digitale Games, Tweede Wereldoorlog, Wereldoorlog II, Historische Cultuur, Populaire Cultuur, Geschiedenisdidactiek
C.R. Ribbens (Kees) , J. Jansz (Jeroen) , M.C.R. Grever (Maria)
This research was funded by Erasmus University Rotterdam under the Research Excellence Initiative (REI) program: ‘War! Popular Culture and European Heritage of Major Armed Conflicts’
For copyright reasons there is a partial embargo for this dissertation
Department of History

Van den Heede, P.J.B.J. (2021, February 11). Engaging with the Second World War through Digital Gaming. Retrieved from