This case explores the situation of a British high street clothing retailer which attempted an entrance into the US market and failed. The company, Jack Wills, was created in 1999 and experienced rapid domestic U.K. growth during the early years of the brand's creation. Its target market of 18-24-year-olds responded well initially and embraced the brand. As sales progressed, the company began to expand internationally, and one of its chosen markets was the United States. Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia also had physical store presences. Unfortunately, the situation in the U.S. did not develop quite as planned, and after several years of effort, the decision was made to exit the US market due to a lack of sales and market acceptance. The case focuses upon a decision which needs to be made by new management with respect to the U.S. market in terms of whether to keep the company’s activities shuttered, or to alternatively to create a new strategy which would allow the company to become profitable within that market.

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