Compulsory psychiatric admissions should be prevented as far as possible. This thesis contains five projects studying compulsory psychiatric admissions, interventions to reduce compulsory admissions, and dangerousness - the core reason for compulsory admission.

Compulsory psychiatric admission, Community mental health care, Severe mental illness, Dangerousness, Systematic review, Meta-analysis, Qualitative reserach, Observational research, Psychiatrische dwangopname, Ambulante GGZ, Ernstige psychiatrische aandoeningen, Gevaar, Systematische review, Meta-analyse, Kwalitatief onderzoek, Observationeel onderzoek
C.L. Mulder (Niels)
Erasmus University Rotterdam
Department of Psychiatry

de Jong, M.H. (2021, February 17). Reduction of compulsory psychiatric admissons. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from