In 2012 the Dutch High-Water Protection Programme (HWPP) was initiated. This programme prioritised dike strengthening projects for the near future with a yearly budget of around 350 million Euros. A safety assessment 2011–2013 indicated the need to strengthen 748 km of dikes. To achieve this, it was recognised that generation and dissemination of state-of-the-art-knowledge was necessary. For this purpose, four Spatial and Technical Research Projects (STRPs) were initiated. The challenge for these STRPs is to generate and disseminate the developed knowledge that is relevant for other dike strengthening projects within the HWPP. This paper examines whether the STRPs have successfully undertaken activities to generate and disseminate new knowledge to relevant stakeholders. We examine how the generation and dissemination of knowledge from the STRPs to the HWPP-projects and water management organisations in the Netherlands took place and might be further facilitated.

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Knowledge Management Research and Practice
Department of Sociology

Duijn, M, Vreugdenhil, H. (Heleen), Janssen, S. (Stephanie), Tromp, E, & Ellen, G.J. (2021). Organising knowledge generation and dissemination in the Dutch high-water protection programme–a sender-receiver approach. Knowledge Management Research and Practice. doi:10.1080/14778238.2021.1886617