This dialogue is a tribute to Monica Meijsing, who for a long time has been the only tenured female staff member in the philosophy department at Tilburg University. The two characters in this dialogue talk about a social norm proscribing breastfeeding in public, discussing its role within academia. As the characters discuss this norm, they also consider the dependence of cognition on the body, and the merits of the idea of ‘privileged perspective’ in standpoint epistemology. These are some of the themes on which Monica has spent most of her career as a teacher and researcher. Monica, we hope you will enjoy this piece, and we thank you for being an inspiring role model.

Geuskens, M., & Colombo, M. (2020). Breaching taboos at work: A dialogue on (while) Breastfeeding. In Hier ben ik: Liber amicorum voor Monica Meijsing (pp. 103–123). Retrieved from