The thesis describes epidemiological changes in traumatic brain injury in the Netherlands. Besides this risk factors for and precention of traumatic brain injury is described. Finally existing desicion rules for performing a CT scan in patients with traumatic brain injury are evaluated and the CHIP desicion rule is updated.

traumatic brain injury, decision rule, emergency medicine, neurotrauma, epidemiology, bicycle helmet, antiplatelet drugs, minor head injury, radiology, computed tomography, traumatisch hersenletsel, beslisregel, spoedeisende geneeskunde, neurotrauma, epidemiologie, fietshelm, trombocyten aggregatie, remmers, traumatisch hoofd/hersenletsel, radiologie, CT scan
M.G.M. Hunink (Myriam)
St Jacobus Foundation
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van den Brand, C.L. (2021, March 24). Traumatic Brain Injury Epidemiology, risk factors and decision making. Retrieved from