Public-private partnerships are a vehicle used a lot by governments all around the world. When it was introduced the idea relied a lot on economic reasoning in which contracts, monitoring and performance criteria were important to achieve results. But from the beginning PPP’s were a hybrid idea because there were also assumptions about collaborations and synergy that fused the idea. In this chapter we explore the ideas behind PPP, the importance of collaboration to make PPP’s work and we show, with recent research results, that PPP’s actually need a mix of contracts and collaboration to work.

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Department of Public Administration and Sociology (DPAS)

Klijn, E-H, Koppenjan, J.F.M, & Warsen, R. (2021). Hybridity and the search for the right mix in governing PPP collaboration. In Handbook of Collaborative Public Management (pp. 113–128). doi:10.4337/9781789901917