At Erasmus MC, automated plan generation is used to treat cancer patients. The system for automated planning is called Erasmus-iCycle which is used to consistently generate a high-quality and Pareto-optimal treatment plan with optimized beam directions for each patient. In this thesis, a new planning method, the lexicographic reference point method (LRPM), was developed and implemented in Erasmus-iCycle. The LRPM aims to improve the clinically used planning method in Erasmus-iCycle in two ways. Firstly, the LRPM should decrease the computation time of automatically generating a plan without compromising in its quality. Secondly, instead of the manual time-consuming and labour-intensive configuration procedure of the clinically used planning method, the LRPM should come with an automatic configuration procedure.

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B.J.M. Heijmen (Ben)
Erasmus University Rotterdam

Van Haveren, R. (2021, May 25). Automatic Configuration of Fast Automated Multi‐Objective Treatment Planning in Radiotherapy. Erasmus University Rotterdam. Retrieved from