In this paper we give an overview of recent developments in the field of modeling deterministic single-level dynamic lot sizing problems. The focus of this paper is on the modeling of various industrial extensions and not on the solution approaches. The timeliness of such a review stems from the growing industry need to solve more realistic and comprehensive production planning problems. First, several different basic lot sizing problems are defined. Many extensions of these problems have been proposed and the research basically expands in two opposite directions. The first line of research focuses on modeling the operational aspects in more detail. The discussion is organized around five aspects: the set ups, the characteristics of the production process, the inventory, demand side and rolling horizon. The second direction is towards more tactical and strategic models in which the lot sizing problem is a core substructure, such as integrated production-distribution planning or supplier selection. Recent advances in both directions are discussed. Finally, we give some concluding remarks and point out interesting areas for future research.

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Jans, R., & Degraeve, Z. (2008). Modeling Industrial Lot Sizing Problems: A Review. International Journal of Production Research, 46(6), 1619–1643. doi:10.1080/00207540600902262