<p>Allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation (allo-HCT) is increasingly used in older myelofibrosis (MF) patients, but its risk/benefit ratio compared to non-transplant approaches has not been evaluated in this population. We analyzed the outcomes of allo-HCT in 556 MF patients aged ≥65 years from the EBMT registry, and determined the excess mortality over the matched general population of MF patients ≥65 years managed with allo-HCT (n = 556) or conventional drug treatment (n = 176). The non-transplant cohort included patients with intermediate-2 or high risk DIPSS from the Spanish Myelofibrosis Registry. After a median follow-up of 3.4 years, the estimated 5-year survival rate, non-relapse mortality (NRM), and relapse incidence after transplantation was 40%, 37%, and 25%, respectively. Busulfan-based conditioning was associated with decreased mortality (HR: 0.7, 95% CI: 0.5–0.9) whereas the recipient CMV+/donor CMV- combination (HR: 1.7, 95% CI: 1.2–2.4) and the JAK2 mutated genotype (HR: 1.9, 95% CI: 1.1–3.5) predicted higher mortality. Busulfan-based conditioning correlated with improved survival due to less NRM, despite its higher relapse rate when compared with melphalan-based regimens. Excess mortality was higher in transplanted patients than in the non-HCT cohort in the first year of follow-up (ratio: 1.93, 95% CI: 1.13–2.80), whereas the opposite occurred between the fourth and eighth follow-up years (ratio: 0.31, 95% CI: 0.18–0.53). Comparing the excess mortality of the two treatments, male patients seemed to benefit more than females from allo-HCT, mainly due to their worse prognosis with non-transplant approaches. These findings could potentially enhance counseling and treatment decision-making in elderly transplant-eligible MF patients.</p>

doi.org/10.1002/ajh.26279, hdl.handle.net/1765/136552
American Journal of Hematology
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

J. C. Hernández-Boluda, Arturo Pereira, Nicolaus Kröger, J.J. (Jan) Cornelissen, Jürgen Finke, Dietrich Beelen, … Ibrahim Yakoub-Agha. (2021). Allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation in older myelofibrosis patients. American Journal of Hematology, 96(10), 1186–1194. doi:10.1002/ajh.26279