After being forged over the last decades, the discipline of Game<br/>Studies has completed its theoretical and methodological foundations and has<br/>developed an institutional interest on the part of academics from all over the<br/>world. This thematic issue of the journal index.comunicación presents a<br/>compilation of studies related to the discipline of Game Studies, carried out in<br/>Spain and focused on the exploration of the future of a hetero-heterogeneous<br/>and transversal discipline. Specifically, the focus is on features of the narrative<br/>characteristics of games, their persuasive potential and their social influence.<br/>The main objective of this special issue is to consolidate a point of reflection on<br/>the present and future research on Game Studies.
Index Comunicacion
Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC)

Salvador Gómez-García, T (Teresa) De La Hera, & Alfonso Cuadrado-Alvarado. (2021). Game Studies, Next Level? Nuevos horizontes para una disciplina emergente. Index Comunicacion, 11(2), 13–20. Retrieved from