This case set explains the customs-broker rationalization program for European operations of the German multinational conglomerate Chembi Global (Chembi) since 2015. The company is a leading manufacturer of beauty care and laundry & home care products. Case A illustrates how the company’s Global Customs Management and Export Control project team (Compliance team) in Amsterdam designed and launched the program, and invited customs-brokerage firm candidates for a final selection in Summer 2016. The broker choice triggers students to develop the appropriate evaluation criterion. Case B describes how John van Doorn, who joined the company as the new team leader in October 2016, inherited the program design and broker choice of his predecessor. Facing the elementary challenge of the EDI connections, Van Doorn had to quickly present to his management superiors how he would roll out the program in the 30 European countries. The examination of Chembi’s roll-out stimulates students to consider various implementation issues and options.

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RSM Case Development Centre
Erasmus Research Institute of Management

Veenstra, A., & Chung, R. (2021). Chembi Global: Customs Broker Rationalisation (A). RSM Case Development Centre. Retrieved from