The research project describes in this thesis is concerned with the quantitative aspects of legal language. Among other things, the accurate description of these aspects is a necessary precondition for the future development of a new generation of legal information systems, such as systems which will make it possible to retrieve data from legal databanks using legal 'concepts'. In order to gain insight into the specific properties of the word use in certain legal texts, these texts have been compared to general text material in the Dutch language. The legal texts concerned are statute law and case law texts. Using these texts, two separate legal corpora have been built for this research project. Alongside these, a corpus with general Dutch texts has been developed to carry out comparison.

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De Mulder, Prof. Mr. R.V. de (promotor)
R.V. de Mulder (Richard)
Erasmus University Rotterdam , Koninklijke Vermande BV, Lelystad
Erasmus School of Law

van Noortwijk, K. (1995, November 17). Het woordgebruik meester: Een vergelijking van enkele kwantitatieve aspecten van het woordgebruik in juridische en algemeen Nederlandse teksten. Retrieved from