INTRODUCTION. In 1997, the ICS standard for digital exchange of pressure- £ow study data was published (Neurourol. Urodyn. 1997;16: 9^18) with the intention of enabling the exchange of urodynamic data and curves between equipment of di¡erent manufacturers. Initially, the purpose of the standard was to make it possible to carry out multi-centre trials with di¡erent brands of equipment in the di¡erent centres, but with central data processing. The standard makes it possible to copy a pressure-£ ow study performed with a speci¢c brand of urodynamic equipment to a transportable medium, for instance a £oppy disc or e-mail, and subsequently import it into the PC of another brand of urodynamic equipment. Not only the resulting parameters, such as the maximum £owrate are copied, but also the tracings. Re-analysis of the study on the second set-up is therefore possible.Up to now, import and export of ICS standard urodynamic ¢les has been implemented in the equipment of Andromeda Medical Systems, Medtronic Functional Diagnostics and Medical Measurement Systems. These implementations have been veri¢ed by the authors. Lifetech and Laborie have both announced that they will support the standard. This document updates the standard, listing revisions and additions.The revised version of the standard will be posted in its entirety on the ICS web site: www.icso⁄

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Neurourology and Urodynamics
Erasmus MC: University Medical Center Rotterdam

van Mastrigt, R., & Griffiths, D. (2004). ICS standard for digital exchange of urodynamic study data. Neurourology and Urodynamics, 23(3), 280–281. doi:10.1002/nau.20002