The topic of how to exploit parallelism for performance enhancement has already received considerable attention. However, relatively less attention has been paid to practical development techniques for parallel real-time applications. In this paper we propose a graphical design language for supporting the technical design phase in the process of parallel real-time application development. This design language is based on a model of Communicating Sequential Processes and Data Flow Diagrams and supports exploitation of task-oriented and data parallelism. Novel features include, besides support for exploitation of parallelism for real-time applications, a strict separation of behavior and communication specification, specification of timing constraints, integration of control flow and data transformations, and support for automated source code generation The paper also briefly pays attention to the current implementation of the language.

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Erasmus School of Economics

van Steen, M. R., ten Dam, A., & Vogel, T. (1993). Developing parallel real-time applications in the Hamlet Application Design Language. Retrieved from