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Keywords alkylating agent, antibiotic agent, anticonvulsive agent, bevacizumab, carmustine, cetuximab, cilengitide, corticosteroid, cotrimoxazole, cytotoxic agent, dacarbazine, dapsone, drug derivative, enzastaurin, everolimus, hydroxychloroquine, irinotecan, lenalidomide, lomustine, methotrexate, methylated DNA protein cysteine methyltransferase, pentamidine, pentamidine isethionate, procarbazine, temozolomide, temsirolimus, thiotepa, tipifarnib, unindexed drug, valproic acid, vandetanib, vincristine
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Journal Annals of Oncology
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Stupp, R, Hottinger, A.F, van den Bent, M.J, Dietrich, P-Y, & Brandes, A. (2008). Frequently asked questions in the medical management of high-grade glioma: A short guide with practical answers. In Annals of Oncology (Vol. 19). doi:10.1093/annonc/mdn474