This is the third report concerning transaction management in the database environment. In the first report the role of the transaction manager in protecting the integrity of a database has been studied [van der Made-Potuijt 1989]. In the second report a model has been given for a transaction manager as a parallel decision process [van der Made-Potuijt & Groenewegen 1990], In this report a case, the Erasmus Insurance Case (EI-Case) will be presented that can be used to test transaction management in a centralized and distributed environment. It can also be used to describe transaction management in a distributed environment as parallel decision processes. The purpose of the questionnaire is to investigate the functionality of a particular distributed database management system. The answers of the questionnaire can be certified by tests on an implementation of a case. To this aim tests are added to the questions, referring to the implementation of the EI-case in the Distributed DBMS under investigation.

Erasmus School of Economics

van der Made-Potuijt, S. C. (1990). The Erasmus insurance case and a related questionnaire for distributed database management systems. Retrieved from